Park High

New Starters 2020


This page will be updated on a regular basis as we continue with our preparations to welcome our new members of the Park family. We will also liaise with current primary schools to ensure key information share and updates. Obviously the Covid19 pandemic has affected our planned transition activities but please be reassured that staff are working hard to ensure activities and information share will ensure our new families feel well informed, prepared and excited about starting here with us.  



Welcome to Park High School 

A warm welcome to Park High School where you and your child are about to embark on the next exciting stage of their academic and personal development journey. Park High school is a vibrant and academically successful school offering an extensive and balanced curriculum and a rich and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, all supported by an exceptional pastoral system. Here at Park we place students' needs at the very core of everything we do. We all want the absolute best for our young people who need to be empowered to shine, grow and develop into the best they can possibly be. 

Transition Information 

As we start to prepare for the arrival of our new Year 7 students, staff are busily liaising with Primary school staff (all be it remotely!) to ensure we gain a full and comprehensive overview of each and every new student. This information transfer between lead professionals will include information share about friendship groups, academic ability, pastoral needs, character and extracurricular involvement. The pastoral team here at Park will then collate all the information and ensure that students are placed in forms with friends based on feedback from the Primary schools. 


Year 6 Student and Parent Transition Event 2020 


Due to the current situation this year’s face to face student and parent transition events are on hold until the Government release further information about the planned reopening of schools. 


Further information about transition events will be shared via this page. 



School Uniform 


Click here to see the school uniform policy. 




Summer School



Park High School Summer School 2020 


All Year 6 students who have gained a place at Park High, are usually invited to attend a summer school which takes place in the summer holiday before their September start date. Our summer school programme is aimed at empowering our young students' with the skills, confidence and knowledge to help the smooth transition into year 7. Summer school starts by helping students to familiarise themselves with the school building and members of staff before the September start. It also helps students to start to form new lifelong friendships as they start to meet students joining the Park Family from other primary schools. A focus on communication and organisational skills through engaging and fun activities, coupled with tips to help them settle in smoothly will all help to ensure our students can hit the ground running in September 2020 and make a fabulous start to their Park High School career.  


We would love nothing more than to be able to host our new year 7 students for summer schools but cannot confirm that summer school will be able to run until further notice. More details will follow.