Park High

Personalised Revision Plans (PRP)

Park High has introduced a new phase of academic intervention to help students further prepare for future assessments. These Personal Revision Plans contain personalised work and materials for each student to complete independently, including revision tasks in all subjects. 

Further Information on PRPs

Thank you for your initial feedback. The PRP is designed so that parents, students and teachers can work together to ensure our children achieve the very best of their potential. Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions to clarify the students' PRPs.

Do parents need to actively teach the topics mentioned in the PRPs to their children?

The tasks in the PRPs are designed to reinforce and refresh the topics children have already been taught within lesson time. As parents, the PRP makes you aware of the work your child should be covering each evening so you can support and encourage your child. As parents, you know which encouragement methods work best for your child. There is no need for you to actively teach anything that is on the PRP.

Do parents need to work with their children for the time stated in the PRP?

The PRP is designed to develop the independent learning skills of your child. All children are individuals and their independent learning skills will differ. There is no need for you to spend the publicised time on the PRP completing work with your child. The PRP enables you to be in the best position to encourage your child in allowing you to discuss specific tasks with them.

Will my child receive homework in addition to the PRP?

The PRP tasks will be followed instead of homework. If the PRP tasks indicate that a child needs extra help in a certain area, or homework is required for consolidation of a topic covered in class, then teachers may set homework. However, all teachers are fully aware of your child's commitment to the PRP and do not want to over burden them. 

What if my child cannot complete the PRP tasks in the given time?

The times given in the PRP are the maximum amount of time your child should be spending on revision. All children need 'downtime' where they can do things they enjoy. Assessment time can be a stressful time for students so it is very important that they have some time for themselves. If your child is spending longer than the PRP states, this is detrimental to them. Equally, if your child is spending much less time on revision than the PRP states, it is likely they are completing the work in too little depth. All children are individuals and work at different speeds. If your child has spent the specified time on a task and has not completed it, please do not worry. If this is the case, it would be helpful if a note to the teacher was added to the bottom of the task so that your child's teacher is made aware of any issues and can help them.  

Does my child have to follow the PRP rigidly?

The PRP is designed as a revision plan to provide a scaffolding for your child's revision. All children are individuals and as such will be involved in different activities on different nights of the week. It is absolutely fine for the PRP tasks to be done at a time that suits the child and their family as long as the completion dates are met.

Will there be a sanction if my child does not complete their PRP tasks?

The PRP tasks replace the homework your child would have received. If your child fails to complete the tasks and there is no feedback to the teacher to help them understand why this has happened, the normal homework sanction policy will apply. This system is designed to best prepare your child for their assessments.

Does my child have to complete their PRP tasks at home?

No. Park High School runs an after-school homework club Monday to Friday 3.15 to 4pm every week. If you feel this will help develop your child's independent learning skills, your child is more than welcome to focus on their PRP tasks during this time. The after-school homework club has a member of staff in attendance every night should your child require extra help. The after-school homework club has full computer access.

Do other schools have PRPs?

Yes. As a forward thinking school we are continually looking for examples of best practice and the PRP is a strategy used by outstanding schools to encourage independent learning.

We appreciate your responses and take on board your suggestions. As we receive more feedback, this page will be updated.