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Student Voice

Here at Park High we believe that students should play an active role in their education and we are always eager to involve our students in the decision making process. For more information click the link to the right.

School Prefects

Prefects play a vital part in the running of Park High; supporting both staff and pupils.

They have the important role of representing our students by acting as their voice and are there for the students if they have an issue or something they want to talk about.
Prefects strengthen the relationship between student and staff by acting as a support network, working alongside the year/form reps to bring together Park High as a community.

They put a lot of effort in to ensure the school systems run smoothly and in helping to organise fun and educational events.

Year Reps and Form Reps

At Park High we have a strong support network. Each form and each year have 2 reps who meet at group meetings to discuss any grievances or ideas their fellow students have. They discuss these with the head boy and girl during meetings, and report back to their fellow students.

They work incredibly hard to make sure the school systems run smoothly and aid the staff and students of the school in Park High’s progression.

This includes improving in any way we can to ensure students’ have the best school experience available to them, for example, organising fun and educational trips.

They bring us together to form a community and are here for us when we need them, so SPEAK to them and TELL them what you think.

Student Support

As you prepare for your examinations, we do not want you to feel alone, or overwhelmed. The staff at Park High are always available to offer their support, guidance and words of wisdom.

Your form tutors and pastoral support workers are there to help and guide you so let them know if they can!

If you need to report a bullying incident, please click the link below and complete the form.

Report Bullying