Park High

Trackers and Reports July 2017

Frequently asked questions


What is a good ‘attitude to learning’ score?

The Park High School standard is a score of 6, anything more suggests an excellent attitude to learning.  A score of less than 6 suggests there is room for improvement in one or more areas.

What is a pass grade in the new 1-9 GCSE scale?

The Department for Education has published that the new equivalent of a grade C, or a ‘standard pass’ is a grade 4.  A grade 5 is considered a ‘strong pass’.

At what stage should my son/daughter achieve their target grade?

Target grades for years 9-11 are set for the end of their GCSE studies in Year 11.  Some students may achieve their target grade before this but it is not unusual for students to be behind their target grades into Year 11.

Target grades for year 8 are for the end of year 8, not their Year 11 GCSE targets.  Year 7 targets will be available from Autumn 2017.

What are competencies?

A competency is a specific level of skill, knowledge or understanding that your son/daughter has mastered during the course of the academic year in a subject.  This may still need to be revisited and revised before the external examinations!

What are subject targets?

This is the target set by the class teacher to help your son/daughter improve in this subject.  It should be something they can work on both in class and at home, where appropriate.

What other important information is the on the report?

We would encourage you to read all of your son/daughters report. However, the box at the bottom of the tracker sheet also includes important information about attendance, average AtL, punctuality and numbers of credits and concerns.

Where can I found out information about my son/daughters achievements, behaviour, punctuality and contribution to extra-curricular activities?

This can be found in the summary comments on page 5.  Here you will find specific comments from Form Tutors and Progress Leaders.

What can I do if I have a question or a problem with my son/daughter’s report?

If there are any issues with the report please do not hesitate to contact us in school.  The first contact for general enquiries is your son/daughter’s form tutor.  For subject enquiries please contact the classroom teacher for that subject.  Details can be found by ringing the school or on the school website.