Park High

Transition Information

How is the transition from primary to Park High made easier?

Park HIgh visits into primary school

The Year 7 Progress Leader, Pastoral Support Workers and members of the Senior Leadership Team share the responsibility of visiting primary schools to see Year 6 pupils. They discuss with the Year 6 class teacher the pupils’ academic data and also more personal things like hobbies, behaviour etc. They also speak to the pupils telling them what to expect when going to Park High and a little bit about what we do as a school such as the reward systems. It is a good opportunity for the pupils to ask questions and get to know more about the school.

Year 6 Parents evening

Pupils will be with their forms (first time they will meet forms and tutors) for an hour whilst parents have an assembly with the Head of Year and the Senior Leadership Team. Then the pupils have an assembly with their Head of Year.

Year 6 Transition day

Pupils come in for a full day and spend time with their forms and also have classes in Science, Maths, and English classes followed by an afternoon in PE. This helps them get used to moving around the school and allays worries about getting lost.

Summer School

Year 6 students, who have gained a place at Park High, are invited to attend a summer school which takes place in the summer holiday before their September start date. They attend a variety of lessons over the course of the summer school and mix with pupils from other primary schools, giving them an invaluable adjustment period where they can get to know the teachers and begin to make new friends.


During the 2014 summer school, students took part in school activities and made new friends with children from other primary schools. They even went on their first secondary school trip when they went to watch 'War Horse' at The Lowry, Manchester.

How does Park High decide which forms pupils go into?

All primary schools receive a sheet for each pupil coming to Park High. The Year 6 teacher completes the data related to academic history and hobbies. There is also a section asking who the pupil’s friends are and possibly who it might be beneficial to distance them from. This data helps the Year 7 Progress Leader choose the best form for each new student.

The forms are designed to have a few pupils from each primary school in so that each new student will know someone but there is also plenty of opportunity for them to make new friends.

What happens on the first day?

New Year 7 students will spend the first day with their new form and prefects. They will get to know their form, have a tour of the school and have an assembly with their Head of Year when they will be told what the school expects of them.