Park High

Welcome to Park High School

At Park High we strive for the highest level of success and achievements for all. We are committed to supporting our pupils in all areas, aiding their development into confident young people with a solid academic background.

Naturally, providing the highest standard of education is extremely important to us. Our pupils’ academic progress and achievements are our ultimate priority.

Our results prove that our school community is constantly improving and working hard to maintain its excellent reputation. Our dedicated team of staff continue to practise the highest levels of teaching, encouraging our pupils to work hard and have the will to succeed.

We pride ourselves on our welcoming, caring nature within our vibrant community of young people and adults working together to create a friendly environment where everyone feels valued, challenged and secure. We also maintain excellent relationships with parents and families, who contribute to their child’s success at school.

Academia is only one aspect to school life and we aim to build the foundations of a moral and cultural well-rounded, independent, outstanding and high achieving individual who can move into the adult world as an effective member of society. Our reputation for excellence in sport and the creative and performing arts highlights the emphasis we place on developing physical health and well-being and individuality.

In September 2005, Park High was awarded specialist status in the areas of Mathematics and Computing. This recognises our commitment to developing the school as a centre of excellence in these subjects. Our success has been recognized in our superb Ofsted report and by national awards presented by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

For over 50 years Park High has been providing children with the best possible learning experiences. We are immensely proud of our school and in short, we want prospective students to enjoy and get the most out of Park life, like so many others have done before.