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January 2021 Amendments

Amendment to the Behaviour Policy: Students on Site January 2021



Dealt with


Concern Example


Possible Actions




Teacher or Support Staff


Minor disrespect or inappropriate


Conversation with


behaviour below the expectations


student(s) which could


of acceptable behaviour within


include a verbal warning,


school during normal operation.


moving seats and other


This could include rudeness,


behaviour management


disrespect or not following






Contact with




Concern logged on






Middle Leader


Repeated instances of “1” or:


Conversation(s) with


• A single use of offensive language


student(s) which could


(not towards staff).


include a verbal warning,


• Abruptness towards staff.


moving seats and other


Minor bouts of unsafe behaviour


behaviour management


(this could include not following




instructions for social distancing).


Contact with student’s




Concern logged on




•   On site SLT informed.




Senior Member of Staff on Site


A single use of offensive language


Phone call home.


towards staff.


Temporary suspension of


• Inappropriate comment about any


student access to face to


member of staff in school.


face sessions.


• Any use of racist, homophobic,


Logging of incidents on to


bullying, discriminatory


Bromcom as applicable.




Referral to Safeguarding if


Serious bout of unsafe behaviour




(refusal to follow instructions for


social distancing or hygiene).


Amendment to the Behaviour Policy: Students on Site January 2021

Any malicious, deliberate acts of

transmission (eg spitting,


  • If staff have indicated that a police or social services referral is necessary.
  • Any comment towards staff that could be construed as inappropriate or sexualised – no matter how minor it may seem.
  • Implementation of Risk Management Plan (RMP) where necessary.
  • Phone call home to discuss issue with parent/carer and student.
  • Removal from their work station to work with the senior member of staff.
  • Temporary/longer term suspension from face to face sessions.
  • Referral to police and/or other key agencies such as social services.
  • If student is deemed MORE ‘at risk’ studying at school, a temporary suspension from attending school maybe considered.

Area of Action



Arrive and leave school at School.


•   Students should arrive just before their allotted time and enter

Students should arrive just before


the correct entrance. They must go directly to their room and sit in

their allotted times.


the allocated seat.


•   Students must apply hand sanitiser on the way into and out of




•   They will be dismissed from this work station and leave by the


allocated Exit.


•   Students should socially distances when moving onto and from the



Amendment to the Behaviour Policy: Students on Site January 2021

Movement around the school site.


•   Students must stay in the allocated part of the school and not go


into the out of bounds areas.


•   When moving students must use the socially distancing indicators.


•   Students must follow all instructions by school staff.

Use of the washroom/ toilet


•   Students can only enter individually at the permission of


supervising staff.


•   Students must wash their hands using soap after entering the


toilets and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Coughing or Sneezing


•   Students should cover their mouth with a tissue if they cough or


sneeze. The tissue must be placed in the nearest bin. The student


should then ask go and wash their hands and use sanitiser.


Students should try and not touch surfaces where possible.

Equipment needed in school drinks


•   Students should bring appropriate equipment in school for the

in school


school day. This is not shared with any other pupil. If equipment is


required from the school, this will be provided by the supervising


member of staff and must only be used by the student and not


passed around. Any borrowed equipment must be left on the


work station at the end of the day.


•   Any drinks are not allowed to be shared in school.

Not following social distancing rules


•   Any student not following social distancing rules will follow the


school sanction protocols.