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To support effective and timely communication between home and school, the list of contacts below aim to help signpost your queries to the correct team in school. This will ensure together we can maintain effective two-way communication to ensure the best for our families.

MCAS and Parent Pay

Use this contact for effective MCAS App use and technical issues, logon queries, guidance and support with Parent Pay, including dinner money accounts: 


For any attendance or punctuality related queries, medical/appointment requests or to discuss concerns with your child attendance:

Careers Guidance & Support


For any work experience, careers guidance, post 16 college queries or information about our careers programme in school:

All other general enquiries

For all general enquiries that our administration team can support with:

Pastoral Teams

House Dragon

Director of House Dragon

Miss Towers:

Assistant Director of House Dragon

Mr Pickard:

Assistant Director of House Dragon

Miss Davy:

Pastoral Support House Dragon

Mrs Duxbury:

Dragon C

Mr Morrison:

Dragon O

Miss Watson:

Dragon L

Mr Bunyan:

Dragon N

Mr Tillotson:

Dragon E

Ms Baines:

Dragon P

Miss Birch:

Dragon A

Mr Good:

Dragon R

Mrs Mahmood:

Dragon K

Mr Schofield:

Dragon H

Mrs Huntingdon:

House Griffin

Director of House Griffin

Mr Hicklin:

Assistant Director of House Griffin

Mrs Gibbons:

Pastoral Support House Griffin

Mrs Metcalfe:

Griffin C

Mr A Calvert:

Griffin O

Miss Rothwell:

Griffin L

Ms Massey:

Griffin N

Mr Dunne:

Griffin E

Mrs Barker:

Griffin P

Mrs Lunney:

Mr Gardner:

Griffin A

Mrs Thompson:

Griffin R

Mr Thompson:

Griffin K

Miss Hooper :

Griffin H

Mrs Anwar:


House Pegasus

Director of House Pegasus

Mr Spencer:

Assistant Director of House Pegasus

Mr Heath:

Assistant Director of House Pegasus

Mrs Lowden:

Pastoral Support House Pegasus

Mrs Coffey:

Pegasus C

Miss Gibson:

Pegasus O

Miss Taylforth:

Pegasus L

Mr Greenwood:

Pegasus N

Mrs O'Gorman:

Pegasus E

Miss Gamble:

Pegasus P

Miss Ireland:

Miss Ahmed:

Pegasus A

Mrs Hallmark:

Pegasus R

Mrs Mitchell:

Pegasus K

Mr Farry:

Pegasus H

Mr Hughes:


House Phoenix

Director of House Phoenix

Mr Curran:

Assistant Director of House Phoenix

Mrs Carson:

Assistant Director of House Phoenix

Mr Mackenzie:

Pastoral Support House Phoenix

Mr Bell:

Phoenix C

Miss Derbyshire:

Phoenix O

Mr Scott:

Phoenix L

Miss Cassidy:

Mrs Ramsay:

Phoenix N

Mr Sikora:

Phoenix E

Ms Dickinson:

Phoenix P

Mrs Nixon:

Phoenix A

Mrs Dingley-Green:

Phoenix R

Mr Orme:

Phoenix K

Mr Metcalfe:

Phoenix H

Mr Fowler:


Curriculum Teams 

Curriculum Leaders

Curriculum Leader for Computing and Business Studies

Mr Allen:

Curriculum Leader for Creative and Performing Arts

Mrs Hooper:

Curriculum Leader for Design and Technology

Mr Greenwood:

Director of English

Mrs Simcoe:

Curriculum Leader for Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Studies)

Mr Thompson:

Director of Mathematics

Mr Park:

Curriculum Leader for Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Mitchell:

Curriculum Leader for Physical Education

Mr Orme:

Curriculum Leader for Science

Mr Fowler:

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