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Reports & Trackers

Frequently asked questions 

How often will school send a Tracker or Report home?

At the end of every term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) a tracker report including; Attendance, Attitude to learning scores (and comparison to year average), LORIC skills progress, Engagement award (credits received that term) Subject Benchmarks and Progress to Benchmark is sent home.

In the summer term students receive a written report including a pastoral overview from your child’s Form Tutor, Director of House and a Senior Leader. 

What is a good ‘attitude to learning’ score?

The Colne Park High School standard is a score of 6, anything more suggests an excellent attitude to learning.  A score of less than 6 suggests there is room for improvement in one or more areas.


Key Stage 3 judgements based on Curriculum progression 

Each subject will include a judgement by the class teacher based on assessments and classwork on the progression in the curriculum at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Term. Teachers will report home progression in the curriculum in terms of Beginning, Not Yet at Expected Standard, working at the Expected Standard and working at Greater Depth.

What is a pass grade in the new 1-9 GCSE scale?

The Department for Education has published that the new equivalent of a grade C, or a ‘standard pass’ is a grade 4.  A grade 5 is considered a ‘strong pass’.

At what stage should my son/daughter achieve their benchmark grade?

Benchmark grades for all years are set for the end of their GCSE studies in Year 11 based upon KS2 results and contextual information.  Some students may achieve this benchmark grade before this but it is not unusual for students to be behind their target grades into Year 11.

Park High School use Fischer Family Trust (FFT) to set aspirational benchmarks matching them to the DfE national pupil database. We set high aspirational benchmarks based on the top 20% of students in the country.

What are LORIC skills?

In addition to the academic curriculum, students’ study LORIC skills (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication). These skills are developed during the five years at Park High School. Each strand covered is graded depending on the application and demonstration of each skill:
Emerging – Basic Evidence of Skill
Secure – Secure Evidence of Skill
Deep – Advanced Evidence of Skill

Where can I find out information about my son/daughters achievements, behaviour, punctuality and contribution to extra-curricular activities?

This can be found in the written comments from Form Tutors and Progress Leaders.

What can I do if I have a question or a problem with my son/daughter’s report?

If there are any issues with the report please do not hesitate to contact us in school.  The first contact for general enquiries is your son/daughter’s form tutor.  For subject enquiries please contact the classroom teacher for that subject.  Details can be found by ringing the school or on the school website