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The House system is at the heart of life at Park High School. It is in the community of the House that most pupils find the confidence and sense of purpose that lead to fulfilment in the larger community of the School. Park High School is a family and the house system fosters care and respect between all students. A sense of community and competition underpins the ethos of the house system where care for all underpins all that we do. 

The pastoral system is built around the house structure. We have five houses each with a Director of House, a full time Pastoral Support Worker and an Assistant Director of House. Each form has two form tutors, that will be your first line of communication. We have a fully staffed Hub for students who have had a challenging time and need reintegrating into their timetable, with the time and care that they need. We are very proud of our system, we are sure you will appreciate the warmth and support it offers to the students. 

Form classes in years 7 to 10 are mixed year groups so young and older students can be supported equally. Year 11 students graduate to the Seniors for the final year before their GCSE examinations. 

Please click on the house links to explore each of the houses at Park High School which includes contact details for each  of houses management