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House Griffin

Welcome to House Griffin!  Our motto is STRENGTH, and we take great pride in showing strength of character in everything we do! Being part of House Griffin means you aren’t afraid to try new things and aren’t afraid of making mistakes and learning from them. In addition to this, our colour is yellow - It symbolises optimism, energy, joy, happiness and friendship – these are traits that we like to display not only within our Griffin family but also across the wider school community.

Mr Hicklin is the Director of House: He will support you in any way he can, and he will celebrate all your achievements no matter how big or small, but in return he asks for all Griffins to ‘be in the right place, at the right time and to do the right thing!’ He makes sure that everyone does the House proud! 

Griffins are also supported by Mr Rigby Wilson and Mrs Gibbons (Assistant Director of House) and Mrs Metcalfe (Pastoral support worker) 

‘House Tutors’ will support you throughout your time at Park and help you become the very best person that you can be. They will offer you the very best pastoral care that you could ask for and be a constant for both students and parents.

The contact details for each of the members of the house are seen below. The first line of contact is your daughters/sons form tutor. However; if you would like to contact the house management team the e-mail addresses are below.

Mr S Hicklin Director of House -

Mrs K Metcalfe Pastoral Support Worker-

Mr Rigby Wilson Assistant Director of House -

Mrs Gibbons Assistant Director of House -