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Student Voice

Here at Park High we believe that students should play an active role in their education and we are always eager to involve our students in the decision-making process. 

If you have an idea that you would like to share, please complete the following form:


Roles of responsibility:


There are many ways in which you can have your voice heard:

  • Through the weekly 'Big Question' you have an opportunity to provide feedback to your form leader regarding concerns, areas for improvement and share new ideas.
  • Student Panels: Within faculty areas and Student panels with Leadership you have the opportunity to share your experiences of school, making a positive contribution to improvement and change.
  • Student Voice: Students at Park can share their ideas and raise discussion points at any time through the student voice email:
  • Teams questionnaires/polls: At Park we recognise that all Students need to be given an equal opportunity to have their say on matters that concern them, so we make use of Questionnaires and Polls on TEAMS to engage ALL students in Student Voice.
  • Student Voice feedback form: STUDENT VOICE FORM


We value your voice and make improvements. Examples of this are...

  • You told us that at times you felt the corridors were busy, so we introduced the one-way system to support the movement around school.
  • You felt dinner time was rushed, so we opened three dining rooms to allow everyone space to have a seat with their friends and to reduce the queueing system.
  • We have supported students with regulation after social time through the introduction of Line Ups after breaktime.
  • You told us that the queues for the toilets were too long, so we have placed duty staff on the door to support a quicker movement of queue.
  • You have told us what topics you feel you would benefit from learning more about in Intrinsic PD, so your Form Leaders are currently preparing the Intrinsic PD for next half term to reflect your views.