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Monitoring Progress, Independent Study and Knowledge Organisers

 Independent Work and Monitoring Progress

We aim to support every student at Park by identifying and supporting students based upon their individual needs- this is a strength here at Park.

We use a combination of specialist quality first teaching; intervention; student withdrawal programmes and targeted in-class support to ensure that all students can access the curriculum. These methods include intensive focus on reading, literacy and numeracy programmes, additional independent study support and nurture and inclusion groups. Every student is supported to achieve through research-based teaching strategies and strong professional relationships. Every member of the Park family is on a journey to be the best version of themselves. 

We assess students regularly in the form of low stakes retrieval quizzes; consolidation assessments; interleaved tests; formal exams, projects and independent work which help to monitor individual progress for both the student and the teacher, picking up any problems early on and showing teachers where they need to intervene to help the student fulfil their potential.

We celebrate success here at Park and students who are performing well are praised for their hard work in the form of credits, Parents@Park announcements, rewards, assemblies, displays, awards and formal presentation evenings.

Independent Work 

What are Knowledge Organisers?

Knowledge organisers are a collection of core information for a unit/module of work. They should have a direct link to the content being studied and any forthcoming assessment. If students learn and consolidate this knowledge, that should facilitate the meeting of Expected Standard (KS3) or a ‘strong’ pass (KS4) as a minimum.

Why are we doing Knowledge Organisers?

  • We are working on our knowledge organisers to make the most of every moment at school so that we can be the best we can be.
  • We are working on our knowledge organisers because they contain key information needed to be successful in lessons.
  • We are working on knowledge organisers to develop independent learning skills because we are ambitious and want to be successful.

What are Knowledge Organisers for?

Knowledge organisers are designed to develop student independence, ambition and metacognitive strategies. Years 7-10 will consolidate knowledge organisers by using the ‘Look, Cover, Write’ technique. Year 11 will develop a range of study skills using the knowledge organisers as a base before moving on to workbooks and independent study prior to final examinations.