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Child Development class visits to Toddle In Nursery

Year 9 Child development classes prepare for their coursework by visiting Toddle In nursery


There is no better way to gain knowledge and gather information to include in coursework than gaining first-hand experience and having the opportunity to speak to staff and observe routines and protocols in action.

The pupils are required to design an indoor play area for 3 - 4 yr olds and identify hazards and potential accidents that may occur. They must then explain how they will ensure that the activities that they have included in their design will be as safe as possible for the children as they learn through play in each area.

The pupils conducted themselves in a mature and respectful manner, using their initiative to ask the members of staff relevant questions and to make notes to prepare for their coursework write up.

It was a pleasure to accompany the Year 9 groups to Toddle In and the pupils always enjoy the opportunity to interact with the children.