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One Team, One Family! #ParkFamily

As the half-term draws to an end, special mention must go to our SEND Team who have undergone a redesign of the SEND Hub space in school to maximise its capacity to support each and every one of our students' needs.

Our Learning Support Department has specially trained staff that support students in lessons, work 1:1 with students and also in small groups to ensure those who could benefit from extra support receive it. We also schedule ASDAN into the curriculum for those that may benefit from developing social and life skills in a nurturing environment.

We endeavour to identify any special educational needs as early as possible and offer appropriate support in terms of resources and teacher time. 

The Learning Support Faculty provides the necessary support for all students in achieving their full potential and is a fundamental contributor to the improving academic performance of the School.

The all new Learning Support space is calm, productive and thriving to ensure our students can be the best version of themselves. 

Learning walks have emphasised fantastic relationships between students and staff, ensuring learning support remains a mutually respectful environment.