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PD day is on the horizon.

Tuesday 21st November will be the second of our Personal Development Days. 

Personal Development Days are an important part of the Personal Development program, providing all students with knowledge, skills and experiences to become successful members of society.  Throughout the day, students will be faced with activities to foster resilience and independence requiring them to demonstrate Ambition, Respect and Collaboration.  

Year 7 -workshops relating to careers, including attending an Assembly by Training 2000. 

Year 8 - SMSC awareness (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) through the theme of ‘Festivals of Light’.  

Year 9 - Duke of Edinburgh Award continues with a series of workshops relating to the skills development required to achieve the bronze award. 

Year 10 -workshops relating to Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health, including a session delivered by ‘We are with you’ 

Year 11 - SMSC awareness (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) through the theme of 'Tolerance’. They will attend sessions around the topics of discrimination, character development and the British Values of Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect.