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Pendle Schools Cross Country

Wednesday 24 November will see Park pupils compete in the Pendle Schools Cross Country - here are the details pupils/parents need...

The Pendle Schools Cross Country is taking place this Wednesday 24 November at Alkincoates Park/Holt House playing fields.  Most pupils attended a meeting on Friday last week to be told of all details but for those who missed it or did not pass on information to parents here is everything you need to know.

Pupils should arrive at school on Wednesday morning in full PE kit, they should also wear a tracksuit/coat in order to keep warm as they will be outside all afternoon.  They should either bring a packed lunch or order their lunch as normal in the morning and ensure they have plenty to drink with them.

Pupils will attend lessons 1-3 so will need to bring books and equipment for these lessons.  At 12.05pm all pupils must report to the PE department to see the PE staff.  Pupils in Years 8-11 will sign out with PE staff and then walk to Holt House together.  Pupils in Year 7 will be transported to Holt House in the minibus.

On arrival to Holt House pupils sign in with team managers - Mrs Ireland (Girls) and Mr Curran (Boys).  Races times are approximately:

1.00pm – Year 7 Girls

1.15pm – Year 7 Boys

1.30pm – Junior Girls (Year 8 and 9)

1.45pm – Junior Boys (Year 8 and 9)

2.00pm – Inter Girls (Year 10 and 11)

2.15pm – Inter Boys (Year 10 & 11)

At the end of all races the results are then read out to establish who are the Pendle Champions.  All pupils are required to stay at Holt House until the finish of the event which is at approximately 3.15pm.  At this point pupils will either come back to school on the minibus, be collected by parents/guardians or make their own way home - this was indicated on the reply slip parents returned to school.

The only difference to details for pupils is for those pupils who are acting as a marshal for the event.  They should arrive at school in warm clothes and bring a packed lunch.  They will be transported to Holt House at 10.45am and will remain up there for the day.

The Pendle Schools Cross Country is always a brilliant event where we get to see our fantastic pupils working hard and representing school superbly.  If any parents/guardians would like to come and watch you are more than welcome to do so - we advise you wrap up warm!