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Year 11 Easter School

All students attending subject revision days or study sessions in the library must sign in at reception.




Easter School Timetable 

If you are working at home:

  • Follow the revision plan you created in school this week.
  • Schedule time for breaks and exercise.
  • Create a study space - finding a quiet spot from distractions and keeping things in one place.
  • Mix it up - use different revision methods e.g  make revision post cards, use your revision guide, make knowledge mats/posters, watch the recommended revision clips on YouTube.
  • Revise with a friend - talking through what you've learned and test each other.
  • Use past papers and mark schemes.
  • Eat healthy 
  • Ensure you have enough sleep by not staying up too late.
  • Try to follow your normal routine getting up and eating breakfast to start the day 9.00am