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PD Day Wednesday 14th July 2021

After months of postponing the event, our long-awaited PD Day finally arrived on Wednesday! A wide variety of activities were planned based around LORIC skills and celebrating our development over the past academic year.

The morning activities involved students exploring SMSC, where they discussed different moral dilemmas to understand the impact their actions can have on society. These discussions evolved over the morning and students were set with the task of running for Prime minister. They worked in groups to pitch to their class on the changes they would make to the country if they were elected, each student then voted for who they believed to be the best person for the job. Miss Wild would have been very impressed with some of the acting skills of the students in G8 during this activity!

In the afternoon, Year 7 worked on a Who Do You Think You Are project which gave students the opportunity to reflect on their heritage and create a new national flag that represents our home nations based on our diverse roots. Here are some of the flags they produced.

Year 8 had some sessions lead virtually by the charity BROOK who ran different activities around Healthy Relationships, our Year 8’s learnt about what makes a healthy relationship through deciding whether they would accept or avoid others based on their actions.

Our Year 9s started their Work Experience journey, where they explored different local businesses that they would be interested in going to next year. They started off by exploring different industries in Pendle that interest them and understood more about Labour Market Information (LMI). Some groups even began planning their personal statements ready for submitting their applications, we already can’t wait to see where this journey will take them!

Finally, our Year 10’s summarised their learning on Relationships and Sex Education that they have covered this half term with a fun team quiz session. The mood then became much more relaxed with the final hour of the day involving meditation and art therapy to support the students’ positive wellbeing.

It was also our annual Mock Interview Day, where our Year 10s were interviewed by over 30 employers from a range of industries across the UK in our first ever virtual setting. All the students will receive feedback from their interview which will help set them up for further and future interviews.

Overall, the day was a huge success giving Park the family feel that we all cherish. PD Days brings out our love for working with the community and each other, something we have missed over the past year. Bring on our next PD Day!

We also tried to spread a little joy throughout the community with our #BeKindDay. We hope you all enjoyed your treats and wish you happy and safe summer.