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Welcome to the new year 7s!

Today we welcomed our new year 7 pupils to their summer school!

The new starters came to school perfectly this morning, were full of beans, polite and excited.   It was so nice to see the many smiling faces.   The first session was a Get-to-know-you team session with a design and build a balloon chair challenge.  The balloon chair had to be designed and made using 1 bag of balloons and 2 small rolls of cellotape, and be strong enough to hold their staff member for 30 seconds.

Their groups have then rotated around a further 3 activities with different activities to be enjoyed over the next couple of days, culminating in a presentation.  The activities are a variety of sport, team building and creativity.  Some focus around being kind and friendship, whilst others focus on being a team and getting over obstacles and challenges together.  

They have had a superb day, we look forward to welcoming them back tomorrow for day 2!