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Learning Support (SEND)

At Park High, our intention for Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) is to ensure that all children receive a high-quality and ambitious education regardless of need or disability. We believe that it is vital that our pupils are equipped with the tools needed to become independent, inquisitive learners both in and out of the classroom.

Through our high quality planning, teaching and provision we:

  • Pride ourselves on early identification and intervention for SEND to ensure that progress and opportunities are maximized.
  • Ensure that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to enable children to understand the relevance and purpose of learning.
  • Provide an accessible learning environment which is tailored to the individual needs of all pupils.
  • Develop children’s independence and life skills
  • Regularly monitor the progress of children with SEND, using a child-centered approach.
  • Provide good quality and relevant training for all staff members supporting children with SEND.
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers.
  • Work closely with external agencies and other professionals to hone and develop our provision for children with SEND.


Year 7 & 8

All students start at Park attending a full curriculum of mainstream lessons. In class support is deployed by Curriculum areas and assessed dependent on areas of need. From baseline testing and in class observations students who may benefit from ‘Nurture’ will be withdrawn from mainstream French.

The 6 principles of Nurture:

  • Children's learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing.
  • Language is a vital means of communication.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • The importance of transition in children's lives.

Nurture Pathway

Students selected will work in a small class size to cover Life and Social skills following the Asdan award, Key Steps for one lesson per week.

These students will also be taught French in the same small group setting for one lesson a week.

Nurture is an intervention and therefore students can move in and out of this pathway dependent on progress made.

Apart from French – all students will remain in other mainstream lessons where support will be provided by learning support assistants and quality first teaching. All students will have an individual learning plan and pupil passport to support a more personalised approach to their learning.

Mainstream Curriculum

Students will remain in full mainstream lessons with in-class support where required.

Teachers deliver support through quality first teaching, and those that are on the SEN register will have a individual learning plan and pupil passport.

Progress and attainment will be monitored by subject teachers and students are able to transition into the nurture pathway if we felt the student would benefit from that intervention.

Year 9

Assessments and reviews will take place regarding selection of Nurture students as the pathway is no longer an intervention at this point, but a subject in its own rights. Students that remain in Nurture will start the Asdan programme of Gold, Silver and Bronze personal development. This will take place for two lessons per week and interventions will take place within this time to support their progress in other subjects. To ensure all our students experience the same opportunities that learning a language brings, all Asdan students will complete a culture module within the Asdan programme.

Year 10 & 11

Students have the option to continue with Asdan as one of their KS4 options, or choose something different. If they were to end their Asdan programme after year 9 they would have gained Bronze certification. For those wanting to continue, they will aim towards completing a silver and gold award over three lessons per week.

Learning support remains in place.