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Personal Development

Miss Ratcliffe - Curriculum Leader Personal Development 

Personal Development at Park High School is a varied curriculum that is accessible to all and provides students with the knowledge and experiences to become a successful member of society. Our aim is to develop students into independent and resilient learners who have the ability to tackle the moral, social and cultural issues they face whilst growing up. Both our Personal Development curriculum and Personal Development Days work coherently to grow our students’ self- worth by playing key roles in contributing to school life and the wider community. Personal Development aims to provide students with the skills to keep themselves safe, physically and emotionally healthy and raise their aspirations for their future careers. 

Personal Development (PD) allows students to develop an understanding of the wider word and learn about content outside of the national curriculum that supports them in becoming independent young adults. PD helps students to establish the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.

Year 7

From settling into secondary education to making responsible decisions about alcohol, PD in Year 7 helps students to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up. Units of work consist of:

Settling into life at Park High School

Relationships and Sex Education (Puberty)

Anti- bullying

Healthy Lifestyles

Basic First Aid


Year 8

Learning to manage personal finances to exploring British politics and diversity, PD in Year 8 helps students to learn life skills and build resilience to prepare them for later life. Units of work consist of:


Career pathways

Building a positive mindset


Relationships and Sex Education (Relationships and LGBTQ+)

Internet Awareness

Year 9

Developing an understanding of the economy and the impact it has on our daily living to exploring the different types of contraception available to us in the UK, PD in Year 9 prepares students for adult life. Units of work consist of:

Healthy Lifestyles

Relationships and Sex Education (contraception, on screen activities and knife crime)

Employability and EconoME

Year 10

Organising their own work experience placement based on their future career ambitions to practicing and delivering first aid in emergency situations, PD in Year 10 matures students into independent individuals. Units of work consist of:

Careers (Work Experience)

First Aid

Climate Change

Relationships and Sex Education (Managing healthy and unhealthy relationships)

Year 11

Researching and applying for post- 16 studies to understanding movements of protest and accepting diversity, PD in Year 11 aims to provide students with the skills and experiences needed to become well- rounded members of the local community. Units of work consist of:

Careers (applying for post-16 courses)

Relationships and Sex Education (Consent, STIs and marriage)

Being Safe

Personal Development Learning Journey