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Examination Policies

Park High School is committed to ensuring that the examination management and the administration process is run effectively and efficiently and in compliance with the published JCQ regulations and awarding body requirements

The following policies were updated June 2021          To be reviewed June 2022

Key Staff involved in Examination Policies 



Head of Centre Mrs C Eulert
Senior Leader Mr J Allen
Exams Officer Mrs A Holmes
SENCo Mrs C O’Brien
Quality assurance lead/Lead Internal Verifier Mr R Schofield

The examination policies will ensure that:

  • All aspects of the centre’s examination process are documented, supporting the examination contingency plan, and other relevant exams-related policies, procedures and plans are signposted to
  • The workforce is well informed and supported
  • All centre staff involved in the examination process clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • All examination and assessments are conducted according to JCQ and awarding body regulations, guidance and instructions, thus maintaining the integrity and security of the examination/assessment system at all times
  • Examination candidates understand the examination process and what is expected of them

The policies below are reviewed annually to ensure ways of working in the centre are accurately reflected and that examination and assessments are conducted to current JCQ (and awarding body) regulations, instructions, and guidance.

The following policies were updated June 2021   (JAL)       Review Date June 2022


The Examination Policy 

Examination Policy click here

Use of Word Processor Policy 

Use of Word Processor Policy click here

Examination Contingency Policy 

Examination Contingency Plan click here

Non Examination Assessment (NEA) Policy

Non Examination Assessment (NEA) Policy click here

Appeals Procedure 2021

Colne Park High School Centre Assessed Grade Policy and Appeals procedure 2021 

 JCQ Student Request Form for Centre Review and Appeals to awarding organisations please email