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Student ICT Policy

Updated Feb 2024 (JAL)                                            Review date Feb 2025

Code of Conduct for the use of Computers & the Internet/E-mail in school

Key staff involved in the ICT policy



ICT line manager (Senior Leader)

Mr J Allen – Assistant Head teacher

ICT Network Manager

Mr A Burrows


This policy outlines an acceptable code of conduct for the use of the ICT equipment and systems within Park High School.

The school provides computers and networked resources for student use in teaching classrooms and other resource areas. As part of this facility, Internet, e-mail and school-owned software are available for use on the proviso that these resources are used for the purpose of education.

It is the school policy to respect all computer software copyrights and adhere to the terms and conditions of any licence to which Park High School is a party. The downloading and/or installation of unauthorised software and applications are expressly forbidden. This includes software downloads from the Internet and from email. Park High School will not condone the use of any software that does not have a licence and any student found to be using, or in possession of, unlicensed software will be the subject of disciplinary procedures.


The purpose of the provision of ICT facilities is for use in connection with teaching, learning, research, and other approved activities by the school. The school therefore reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy and review files and activity at any time and without prior notice.

Each student is given a unique username and password that allows them access onto the system and which also provides them with the ability to save their work into their own secure area. This area must be used for educational purposes only. Routine checks of network storage areas will be carried out without prior notice. Please be aware that cookies are enabled by default.


Many of the resources you find on the Internet are copyright protected, including music and video. You may only use all or part of a copyrighted work if you have the copyright owner's permission or if your use of the work falls under a legal exemption. Check the documents you are viewing for appropriate statements indicating copyright ownership and usage. It is your responsibility to respect these rights including all copyrights. Any copyright protected files found during routine checks will be removed and a warning will be given, repeat offenders will receive further disciplinary action.

Network and Computer Etiquette

  • Be polite. Use appropriate language.
  • Be safe. In using the computer network and Internet, do not reveal personal information such as your home address and telephone number.
  • Be careful. Do not jeopardise the security of student access and of the computer network or other networks on the Internet. For example, don't disclose or share your password with others or impersonate another.
  • Be respectful. Do not intentionally bring viruses; copyright protected material or applications into school.

Security and Accountability

  • Students should not use the services of the school, Internet and/or e-mail to obtain or send such material which is against the law or published school policies (articles/files which are sexist, racist, obscene, copyright protected or promote illegal behaviour).
  • Students are advised that all email sent from an email account is the responsibility of the individual account holder.
  • Students are advised that the use of email to send personal data (e.g. about staff or students) to a third party is expressly forbidden under the Data Protection Act.
  • Students are advised that the contents of a network account home directory (H: drive) are the responsibility of the individual account holder.
  • Students are advised that in the event of a security breach they must inform a member of staff and ensure that passwords are changed in order to be as secure as possible.

ICT Equipment Usage

  • Students must not deliberately damage or vandalise any ICT equipment.
  • Students must not intentionally waste resources, including printer ink and paper.
  • Students must not unplug any cables from the back of machines.
  • Students should treat ICT equipment with respect as it is provided as a tool for education.
  • Students should report any computer problems to a member of staff.
  • Students should only use USB drives to bring in school work, if there is any breach of this or suspicion of breach, the ICT Technicians have the right to check USB drives and remove inappropriate material.

Service Usage

  • Students should always respect the privacy of other users’ files.
  • Students should be polite and appreciate that other people might have different views than their own. The use of strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is not allowed.
  • Students are advised that computer-based audio services are provided for work-related and studying purposes only.
  • Students are advised that their network accounts will be deleted when they leave Park High School and it is the responsibility of the student to save any files before leaving.
  • Students must ensure they log-off the system correctly.
  • Students must not disclose any password or login name to anyone, other than the persons responsible for running and maintaining the system.
  • Students should not download, use or upload any material which is copyright protected.
  • Students should refrain from sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
  • Under no circumstances should students view, upload or download any material which is likely to be unsuitable. This applies to any material of a violent, dangerous or inappropriate context.
  • Students should report any breach of this policy to a member of staff, who will then inform the ICT Technicians.

Internet Usage

  • Students must be aware that access is a privilege, not a right and that access requires responsibility.
  • The Internet is provided for educational and research purposes.
  • Students must not use chat or play online games (unless authorised by a member of staff).
  • Individual users of the Internet are responsible for their behaviour and communications over the network.
  • Student must not share/upload any personal information of anyone (staff or student) at the school.
  • Students are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet, just as they are in a classroom or a school corridor.
  • General school rules apply.

Failure to Follow Policy and Breach of Agreement

The use of the school’s computer network and Internet connection is a privilege, not a right. Any student user found or believed to be using the service inappropriately, will automatically have their entitlement to use this facility suspended without notice. A student user who violates this policy and breaches his/her agreement may have his or her access to the computer network and Internet terminated indefinitely.

A student user breaches the agreement not only by affirmatively violating the ICT policy, but also by failing to report any violations by other users that come to their attention. Moreover, a student user violates this policy if they permit another student to use their account or password to access the computer network and Internet, including any user whose access has been denied or terminated. The school may also take other disciplinary action.

Help and Assistance

If you have any questions regarding this policy or require help using the school network, please ask an ICT Technician. If you notice someone using the school’s ICT equipment or network inappropriately, or would like to report a fault, please ask a member of staff to contact any of the ICT Technicians (ext:244 or by email to the helpdesk).