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School Uniform Policy

Students at Park High School are expected to wear their school uniform with pride. We believe that wearing a uniform promotes a sense of belonging to the school community. It also helps to develop a sense of formality and purpose to the school day.

We expect all students to wear their uniform, be smart and presentable both in school and when representing the school outside of the school gates.

Designated Leader:

Mr G Jackson (Behaviour and Attendance)

Mrs J Casper-Smith (Personal Development, Safeguarding and Wellbeing)


Please note: From September 2022 the uniform and PE Kit listed below will be compulsory for all students:

  • Green blazer with yellow braid and Park High School logo.
  • Plain white collared shirt, tucked in with top button fastened.
  • Plain black Park High School V-neck jumper with gold stitching around the neckline (optional item).
  • Black tie with House coloured logo, worn at an appropriate length.
  • Green and grey Park High School tartan pleat skirt* worn between mid-thigh and knee- length.
  • Straight leg black trousers, no skinny fit or jean design (boys and girls optional).
  • Plain white or black socks or tights.
  • Plain black, flat shoes. These must not be canvas material, trainers or have a logo.
  • Black outdoor coat.

PE Kit:

  • Black shorts or skort with Park High School logo.
  • Black PE top with Park High School logo.
  • Plain black football socks.
  • Plain black jogging bottoms or leggings for outdoor PE.
  • Plain black hooded top or jumper for outside wear only. 

At present, our confirmed suppliers are:

    • Pendle Village Mill
    • Hera Schoolwear, Brierfield
    • Shaffi’s, Nelson

Jewellery & make - up

  • Students may wear one pair of matching studs only in the lobe of each ear and one small finger ring.
  • Students may also wear a wristwatch, but as with all other permitted jewellery, this may be required to be removed for practical subjects.
  • Strictly no other jewellery allowed - students will be requested to remove any other jewellery which will be retained by a member of staff for collection at the end of the day. 
  • Make-up must not be worn.
  • Student hairstyles should be sensible. If in any doubt about the style please contact the Director of House beforehand.
  • High fashion styles or unnatural colours are not permitted in school.
  • Tramlines or any other designs cut into the hair are not allowed.
  • Long hair should be tied back during practical lessons.
  • Decisions regarding inappropriate hairstyles will be at the Headteacher’s discretion.

Outdoor Clothing

Black coats can be worn over the school blazer.  No hoodies should be worn underneath outdoor coats or school blazers.  Scarves, hats and gloves are permitted for outdoor use and may be of any colour and style. Outdoor clothing must be removed before entering the school building or students will receive a misdemeanour concern.

Basic Equipment


Students will need to provide their own:

    • school bag
    • pens
    • pencils
    • rubber
    • ruler
    • pencil crayons (rather than felt tipped pens)
    • scientific calculator and other specialist subject equipment e.g. protractor, compasses etc. - dependent on the subject being undertaken

What happens if students attend school without the correct uniform?

All students must adhere to the School Uniform Policy. As a school we do understand that problems can occur with students’ uniform and appearance. If this happens then parents/carers must provide a letter in the Contact Book explaining the circumstances and when the problem will be rectified. Students will be provided with the relevant item of uniform which they will borrow from their Director and return.

Students who continually wear inappropriate items, make up, jewellery, have extreme hairstyles or who refuse to wear loaned items will be sanctioned. They could be sent home to get changed, isolated in Turning Point or in extreme cases, excluded.

If you are in any doubt about the style or items in this policy please contact the relevant Director of House.